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Empowering Emerging VC Through Finance and Operations

  • Build a Venture back office ready for institutional LPs

  • Make data-informed decisions with partners

  • Have smarter conversations about the future

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We build competitive advantage through finance and operations

A proper fund admin handles recording transactions, preparing financial statements, and communicating with LPs. However, there is much more needed to have a functional back office. 


Our strategic finance and operations services pick up where traditional fund administration engagements stop.

The Fund CXO Venture Fund Modeling

Venture Fund Modeling

Excel-based Venture Fund Modeling is clunky and time-consuming, making it difficult for GPs to scenario plan.


We build and manage your Firm’s model(s) in so you always have access to answers for critical conversations with LPs & Founders.

The Fund CXO GP Office Hours

GP Office Hours

As an emerging manager, you're pulled in many directions. You're a founder and investor in one. 


Office hours are when you need advice, have questions, or need a sparring partner to flush out ideas.

The Fund CXO Institutional Back Office Workshops

Institutional Back
Office Workshops

Partnered with Coolwater Capital, these workshops are meant for funds looking to build a back office ready for institutional LPs.


Tactical in focus, this workshop will uncover the black box of "how to run a VC fund.

The Back Office; The Fund CXO

The Emerging
Venture Back Office

What is the back office responsible for in an emerging venture fund?

TL;DR...a lot!


There is no dogmatic answer or approved standard from an initial-named industry organization for how to build a back office. There are many jobs-to-be-done and often limited time and resources. GPs must decide how to best build a team that will drive out-sized returns.

At the end of the day, the game is simple. 

Build a back office that supercharges your firm's strengths or defends your competitive moats.


Are we a good fit?

Check out The Fund CXO's FAQs below.

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